Technical Requirements For Bulldozers

Aug. 31, 2020

1. Adopt humanized design

In view of China's entry into the WTO, the trade barriers on foreign equipment have been gradually removed. It is necessary to keep up with advanced foreign companies, and attach great importance to the appearance of the Bulldozer and the comfort of the cab. The control system is gradually approaching the excavator and automobile industries to reduce the labor intensity of the driver. The instrumentation adopts three-level alarm electronic monitoring device and automatic fault diagnosis device. The cab adopts a closed, air-conditioned cab with air filtering device, and adds advanced electronic equipment such as radios and even DVDs to maximize the humanity of the driver. Requirements.

2. Application of energy saving technology

a. The hydraulic system of the working device adopts constant differential overflow technology. In this way, when the working device reversing valve is in the process of small opening throttle speed regulation, the excess oil supply from the oil pump can be returned to the fuel tank without the safety valve, but directly overflows from the differential pressure valve back to the fuel tank, so that the system pressure during the speed regulation process is only higher than the working pressure. High a certain value △P, so as to reduce hydraulic power loss and reduce oil temperature.



b. The hydraulic system and transmission system of engine and working device adopt full power matching technology. The engine can automatically adjust the power output to the transmission system and the hydraulic system of the working device according to the actual working conditions, so as to maximize the use of the engine power to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

c. Hydrostatic transmission technology. The transmission adopts hydrostatic transmission. The whole machine reduces transmission components such as gearbox, torque converter (main clutch), steering clutch, etc. This kind of Hydrostatic Bulldozer greatly reduces mechanical power loss, and it is very easy to match the full power of the engine to achieve energy saving.

3. Engine emission reaches Euro Ⅱ standard

With the increase in the construction and maintenance of transportation and infrastructure in large and medium-sized cities, and the gradual stricter environmental protection requirements in the domestic and international markets, engine emission requirements have reached at least Euro I standards, and some developed countries have even requested Euro II standards. Therefore, the engine equipped with bulldozers must meet this market requirement as soon as possible.

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