Classification of Bulldozers

Dec. 30, 2020

The Bulldozer is a kind of multi-purpose self-propelled earth-moving construction machinery with a crawler or tire-type tractor tractor as the main engine and a suspended blade. It is used to excavate road cuttings, build embankments, and backfill foundation pits. Various heavy earthwork operations such as removing obstacles, clearing snow, leveling the ground, etc., can also complete short-distance shoveling and stacking operations of loose materials, and are indispensable main equipment in various constructions. The working occasions of bulldozers are quite different, so the required models, power, transmission mode, shape and body of the bulldozer are different, and they can be classified in many ways.

Hydrostatic Bulldozer

Hydrostatic Bulldozer

(1) Classified by transmission mode

①Mechanical transmission bulldozer: It has the advantages of easy design and manufacture, reliable work, high transmission efficiency, convenient maintenance, etc.; but laborious operation, poor adaptability of the transmission device to the load, easy to cause the engine to stall, and reduce the operating efficiency. Currently only small bulldozers Using mechanical transmission.

②Hydraulic mechanical transmission bulldozer: adopts hydraulic mechanical transmission combined with a hydraulic torque converter and a power shifter. It has the advantages of load adaptation and load shifting, reducing the number of shifts, light and flexible operation, and high efficiency. ; But it is easy to generate heat during work, low transmission efficiency, complicated structure, and difficult maintenance. It is currently used for large and medium bulldozers.

Hydrostatic Bulldozer: This type of bulldozer is composed of a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor. It has a simple structure, convenient overall layout, light operation, and can realize in-situ steering; but its manufacturing cost is high, and its durability and reliability are poor. Currently, only small and medium-power bulldozers use full hydraulic transmission.

④Electric drive bulldozer: It is driven by the engine to drive the generator, and then the walking device is driven by the motor. This kind of electric transmission is compact in structure, convenient in overall arrangement, can also realize in-situ steering, and can be continuously variable. However, due to its large mass, complex structure and high cost, it is currently only used on medium and small power bulldozers. Another type of electric drive bulldozer uses power from the power grid for mining or underground operations in open-pit mines, with reliable work, low environmental pollution and high operating efficiency.

(2) Classified by purpose

①General purpose bulldozer: It has good versatility and is widely used in various earthwork construction operations. It is a widely used bulldozer model in current earthwork construction operations.

Special Bulldozer: It is a bulldozer specially developed and designed to adapt to various working environments, including floating bulldozers, amphibious bulldozers, deepwater bulldozers, wetland bulldozers, blasting bulldozers, military high-speed bulldozers, cabin bulldozers, unmanned bulldozers, High prototypes and bulldozers operating under high humidity conditions, etc.

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