The Development Direction of Bulldozers

Mar. 23, 2021

Here is the development direction of bulldozers shared by Bulldozer Suppliers, I hope it will be helpful to everyone

Develop small bulldozers

In addition to highway construction requiring large and medium horsepower bulldozers, high-grade highway construction, county and township highway network construction, water conservancy projects, and environmental protection projects are bound to create a large number of individual constructors. In this way, the demand for small bulldozers will inevitably increase. At the same time, my country's built expressways and high-grade highways have gradually entered the maintenance period. With the economic development of the eastern coastal areas and the improvement of people's living standards, small bulldozers will gradually become a tool for people to replace manual labor. This is where the market for small bulldozers lies.

Compared with the markets of North America, Western Europe and Japan, there is a considerable gap between the sales volume of China's small bulldozer market and the proportion of the total sales of small bulldozers and heavy bulldozers. The bulldozer industry must take this opportunity to work hard to meet the needs of this new market.

Therefore, relevant companies in the Bulldozer Industryshould take a strategic view and must not ignore the future market for small products. However, to develop small construction machinery products in developing countries like China, its positioning must be accurate. Different technologies and different user groups should be used to solve the problem of accurate positioning. We should first develop low-end products that meet the vast rural market in developed areas. High-end products should consider the needs of future users.



Operations in the Western Plateau

Improve and solve the key technologies that are suitable for operation in the western plateau area as soon as possible

1. Adopt power recovery type supercharging technology

As for the general naturally aspirated engine, when the altitude increases by 1000m, its output power will be reduced by 8~12%. If the operating altitude of the whole machine reaches 4000m, its output power is only about 55% of the plain area. Therefore, bulldozers used in construction in the western plateau area must adopt this power recovery type supercharging technology, so that when the diesel engine is used in the plateau area, its output power, economic indicators and heat load indicators are restored to the original calibration in the eastern low altitude area Level. The diesel engine supporting manufacturers of national bulldozers, such as Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory, Weifang Diesel Engine Factory, Chongqing Cummins Diesel Engine Company, etc. have done a lot of work and have basically met the market demand.

2. Heat balance technology

For construction machinery in high-pressure areas in the west, it is necessary to solve the cooling problem of the hydraulic system. It is necessary to solve the problem of the increase in thermal load caused by the supercharging of the diesel engine, and also to solve the higher temperature rise of the transmission heat dissipation system due to the decrease of the plateau heat dissipation capacity than the low altitude areas in the east. When calculating the heat balance, factors such as cooling air volume, air weight, ambient temperature difference, and heat dissipation capacity of the radiator should be taken into consideration.

3. Application of anti-wind and sand technology

Due to the relatively large wind and sand in the western region, if a general air filter is used, it is very easy to cause blockage or insufficient filtration of the air filter, and damage the parts of the diesel engine. Various diesel engine manufacturers generally use three-stage filters or four-stage filters to solve this problem.

4. Configuration of self-rescue protection equipment and machinery

Due to the inconvenient transportation and sparsely populated areas in the western plateau area. Therefore, the machine should be equipped with a hydraulic winch so that it can be towed out when it falls into a bunker or marsh. At the same time, due to the large temperature difference and large wind and sand in the western region, the cab should have improved sealing performance, and be equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning and UV-resistant glass. The cab should be equipped with necessary living facilities and storage cabinets for edible water and food. It should even be equipped with a global positioning system and a small oxygen generator.

5. The use of low temperature preheating system

To improve the cold start performance of the machine. In addition to the use of high-performance maintenance-free batteries, the use of diesel engine cooling system preheating or oil pan preheating technology is also two very effective methods. These two technologies are especially suitable for alpine regions where the temperature is below -35℃.

6. Development and application of multi-degree-of-freedom bulldozing device

With the increase in the construction of urban construction facilities and the needs of farmland water conservancy construction, the development and application of multi-degree-of-freedom bulldozing devices should be gradually improved.

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