Excavator Advantage

May. 17, 2019

Advantage 1: Flexibility and adaptability. 

The Civil Construction Loader is compact and flexible and is good at pipe excavation, foundation construction, and house maintenance. With the transformation of urban municipal construction from “big demolition and large construction” to “exquisite carving”, and the infrastructures such as highways that have been put into use in previous years have gradually entered the maintenance period, more and more small earthworks are being constructed. The way is also getting more and more, which gives small excavators a broad stage to show their talents.

Excavator Advantage

Advantage 2: It is a versatile workman. 

Multi-functional operation is possible when the excavator is installed with auxiliary tools. For example, the Civil Construction Excavator can be used to fill the groove and the compaction can be done after the roller and the plate is installed; the lightweight crushing can be carried out after the breaker is installed; the rotary drill can be used for drilling; the hook can be used for lifting and lifting ; can be used to clear work and so on after installing the clamps.

Advantage 3: It is flexible and the work is focused. 

The excavator adopts a design with zero tail rotation radius, and the boom is hinged to the fuselage, which can swing in a wide range. Even if it encounters an obstacle, it can be avoided without transferring the fuselage. Therefore, the operator considers it in a limited space. Whether there are obstacles blocking the rotation at the construction site, so that you can concentrate on the bucket operation and the movement is accurate. At the same time, the rubber track of the small excavator helps to reduce the damage to the landscape area and the road in the narrow construction area during the construction of the excavator, and to make the construction work more refined. At present, in the construction process of many central urban roads, small excavations can be seen everywhere in the narrow and sturdy space, and the performance of "dance on the needle tip".

Advantage 4: It has a high return on investment. 

Excavators are cheap and cost-recovery, making them the first choice for many newcomers to the excavator industry. Compared with other brand machines, it has a large price, which can save customers more investment costs and greatly shorten the customer cycle.

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