What Should The Excavator Engine "boiling"?

Apr. 03, 2019

Working under high temperature and high heat environment is not only a challenge to the physical endurance of the operator but also a test of the construction machinery itself. 

Bridge Construction Bulldozer, loader engines, hydraulic systems, circuits, tires, etc., can cause large and small faults due to high temperatures. 

Today, we Wearing Resistance Wheel Loader Manufacturer will talk to you about the "opening" of the construction machinery. 

What should I do when the engine is "boiling"?

Bridge Construction Bulldozer

In the summer, due to the high temperature, Low Cost Bulldozer, loaders, and other construction machinery are in a high temperature for a long time, the engine temperature rises too fast, and when the external temperature is too high, the engine will be "boiling", causing the viscosity of the oil to drop and pulling the cylinder. , burning tiles and other faults.

The following are the four major error handling methods for the engine "cooking" for everyone, and I hope to help the daily maintenance and repair machinery of the friends.

Error (1): Stop parking immediately

Some people will say that the engine is "boiling", and it will not be possible to stop the fire immediately! This method is wrong, because the temperature inside the cylinder is high, the piston, the cylinder liner and other components are in an expanded state. If it is turned off immediately, the cooling will cause some soft metal to fall off, even the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner. Bonded together. The correct way is to let the engine idle, open the blinds to increase the air flow, and the water temperature drops a little under the action of the cooling fan.

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