Excavator Grew Steadily In 2019

Feb. 11, 2019

Here is Bulldozer Manufacturer talking about the future of excavators. 

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The excavator maintained positive growth, the crane improved by 10%, and also the concrete machines increased by 20 percent. As stated by the exchanges in the yearly assembly of the excavator and the bauma exhibition, the OEMs from the sector judged the excavation at 2019 in -10%-10% (of which Kawasaki and Komatsu consider that the expansion rate of this marketplace is plus or minus 10 percent, Liugong anticipates The year is level, Carter believes -15%-10%); and based on both collections of excavator versions, we think that the median rate of excavator expansion next year is expected to achieve 10 percent (algorithm could consult with our"re-acquisition sector" The end, the trinity of this street is known on earth" and"the cycle isn't weakly sure, the possibility of technology machines is concealed"). On the flip side, we feel the first quarter of the 19th year (at January-February) will nevertheless keep a growth rate of over 10 percent (the foundation in January and February last year will be reduced as well as the cylinder platoon manufacturing has risen ), cranes, because of cranes The technology program is biased towards the subsequent phase, also because of environmental variables and other things, the manufacturing capacity of Xugong along with other major taps is subject to specific constraints. We think that using the rationalization of distribution chain/self-capacity, the entire sales increase rate of cranes at 2019 is anticipated to reach 5-10 percent; in real machines, on account of the massive inventory of concrete machines and the start of the replacement, it's forecast to remain higher annually. The growth speed.

The cost of this excavator remained steady, the purchase price of the crane was steadily climbing, and the cost of the cement pump truck was steady or decreased. Concerning excavation, on account of the substantial sales volume and steady construction of the calendar year, we think that the purchase price of excavator will stay at the present level (the wise products encouraged by CAT increases the normal cost, but the present approval isn't really good); Because of the prevalence and replacement of high-efficiency merchandise marketed by Xugong along with other top manufacturers, we anticipate crane costs to grow steadily. On concrete, as a result of greater expansion of two-bridge pump trucks for both rural and small projects, we anticipate the total construction of concrete machines. Costs will be impacted by this and possess a specific decrease.

Continue to boost infrastructure and enhance the infrastructure (like new infrastructure like 5G commercial building and traditional urban and rural structure for example urban railway transport and logistics) is among the vital activities for next year. We feel that the financial seminar and current preparation are expected to assist the infrastructure rally, and it's expected to encourage a steady increase in the construction machinery market.

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