How To Improve The Efficiency Of Excavators?

Nov. 05, 2020

First, the ability of the Construction Machinery Crawler Dozer and the unloaded vehicle and the associated load-bearing capacity can be required for the excavator's production capacity. It should be noted that the capacity of the carrier should be an integer of the bucket capacity. In the operation, we can use the double-displacement method, and after loading one car, we can continue to load the next one, which can save a lot of time and overall work efficiency. The docking of the loading vehicle is also available, for example, it is stopped on the circular arc that the excavator's bucket can unload

so that the Engineering Construction Bulldozer can load the material during the second rotation.



Second, the layout of the job site can also be very efficient. For example, before the construction, it is necessary to draw some driving routes for the loading vehicle, some uphill roads, etc., which can be staggered in advance to save driving time. The dump trucks do not interfere with each other while driving.

Third, the operator's related operations and work efficiency are also relevant. If it is a novice operation Bulldozer For Port Construction, try to use compound operation to shorten the operation time of the excavator.

Fourth, the wear condition of the excavator and the related performance and working efficiency of the excavator are also relevant. If the teeth are worn out, the resistance of the cutting will increase and the working efficiency will decrease. It is found that tooth wear is more serious and should be changed in time.

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