Inspection Before Construction of Grader Equipment

Sep. 24, 2020

Affected by the epidemic, your equipment has experienced a long-term shutdown. After long-term storage in the cold winter, various oils and lubrication protections of the motor grader may change. If the machine is turned on and put into operation without a detailed inspection, it may Poor operation will occur. In order to reduce equipment failures and ensure the best performance of the machine, Komatsu Motor Grader should undergo detailed inspection and maintenance before starting work.

The first step: check before starting

1. Check the oil level and antifreeze level of each part

① Please park the Motor Grader on a level ground to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment.

②Check the engine oil, fuel and other parts; the oil level should be in the middle of the mark on the dipstick, and the fuel must be sufficient.

③The hydraulic and variable oil levels meet the requirements; if you need to add them, please select according to the fuel, coolant and lubricating oil table in the manual.

Motor Grader

Motor Grader

2. Check for traces of oil or water leakage

① Check whether there are traces of oil or water leakage. Pay special attention to high-pressure pipe joints and oil cylinders. Once a leak is found, check the leak and repair it.

②If it still leaks, please call Shantui's service hotline 400-666-3666, or use the Shantui eRoad APP for one-click repair.

3. Complete machine inspection

① Check bolts and nuts everywhere.

② Check the hand brake and foot brake.

③Tighten the front and rear wheel rim bolts, check the tire pressure, the front and rear wheels are 0.26-0.28Mpa.

④The grease inspection of the pin shaft and the rotating part.

Step 2: Power on and check

①Check the battery's electric eye status before power-on inspection: green means the battery is good, black means the battery needs to be charged, and white means the battery needs to be replaced.

②If the battery has been removed before shutdown, ensure that the battery has sufficient power before installation, and ensure that the battery is installed when the start key is off.

③Turn on the start switch after installation and check whether the battery is normal. Whether the original parts of the electrical appliances are normal.

Step 3: Start inspection

①After starting, check whether the instrument panel has alarm information, whether the machine has abnormal noise, and whether the speed is stable.

② Idling operation for 5-10 minutes, check whether the water temperature, oil pressure, charging voltage and other parameters are normal, and check whether the air conditioning heating function is normal.

③Operate the machine at idle speed to ensure the surrounding safety, move the working devices, use the low-speed gear to walk, observe for abnormal noise and oil leakage, and confirm that the brakes are good, and then walk in high-speed gear.

④When the equipment runs to the water temperature and the hydraulic oil temperature is above 45-55 degrees, it can work slowly at full load.

The Motor Grader Operation is normally and you can start using it

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