How to Choose the Best Grease for Your Bulldozer Maintenance

Sep. 14, 2021

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your bulldozer is to lubricate it regularly. Grease not only extends the life of your machine, it also prevents contamination and improves machine performance. Here is high efficient bulldozer supplier XUANHUA's detailed guidance to choosing the best grease for your heavy equipment.

How to use grease correctly

1.Don't use the same grease for all parts

It may be tempting to choose one grease for all of your equipment. This may work for a while, but if you want to extend the life of your equipment, you will need to customize each type of grease to the type of machine and specific job site conditions.

In addition, different parts of the machine may require different types of grease, depending on their operating temperatures.

2.Check the equipment manual

One of the first places to check when deciding which grease to use is the machine's operating manual. While not all manuals go into detail about greases, they will contain general recommendations. This is a good place to start.

3.When using in wet conditions

If a job requires your machine to be exposed to wet conditions, such as rivers, heavy rain or the ocean, it is best to use marine grease. Marine grease contains a lithium complex thickener that helps prevent rust and protects against salt damage.

4.Select grease according to the application

If the job requires you to put a lot of pressure on the bulldozer machine, it is best to use a grease that contains molybdenum disulfide. This additive helps grease get into small machine pins and bushings. Welding can occur if parts do not have enough grease.

How to Choose the Best Grease for Your Bulldozer Maintenance

Lubrication maintenance tips

1, While daily lubrication is perfect, at a minimum, you ought to lube every eight hours of operation. However, some lubrication factors have different lubrication intervals, so it is necessary to describe the OMM. See to it to lube all lubrication points around the equipment.

2, Don't wait till you hear a grinding audio to re-lubricate. It is essential not to avoid lubrication intervals. Missing lubrication might conserve you money in the short term, yet grinding can develop steel flakes in the bearings or bushings that can damage the equipment.

3, Eliminate old oil before adding brand-new oil. Before utilizing brand-new grease, you require to get rid of the old grease extensively, due to the fact that some greases are inappropriate with each other because of various thickeners.

4, Keep the grease nipple clean. Dust might stay with the fittings that are smooth due to grease, so be sure to clean the oil nipple before relubrication to stop mistakenly pushing dirt right into the bearings. If this is refrained from doing, dust buildup can trigger devices failing.

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