How to Work More Accurately with A Bulldozer

May. 12, 2022

If you want to know how to grade with a bulldozer, you must learn from experience. Knowing what the correct load in the blade feels like is how operators have graded with dozers in the past. While this process works well for those with years of experience, new operators often make mistakes when trying to grade the ground without help.

By integrating slope control technology into the dozer, even new operators can successfully grade terrain without years of experience. 

1. Improved Accuracy

While using manual controls for grade, feel for soil and focus on finish works well for some jobs, grade control using GPS can significantly improve accuracy. Achieving such accuracy throughout a project can be difficult without technical assistance.

Experienced veterans using bulldozers can also improve their grading accuracy and efficiency. By allowing any operator to perform quality grading, a grade control system can help contractors make the most of the existing personnel on their team. New employees can quickly master the system and produce well graded land without having to find someone with years of experience.

How to Work More Accurately with A Bulldozer

T140-1 bulldozer, semi-rigid suspension, mechanical drive

2. Lower operating costs

As dozers require fewer passes to be effective, they wear out less. Fewer equipment miles traveled can extend the time between required maintenance services. Requiring fewer equipment repairs or services can increase profits by minimizing operating costs, thus increasing profitability.

Another way using grade control technology can help reduce operating costs is by reducing fuel and paid worker time. If an operator makes a mistake while grading, they must spend extra time fixing the mistake.

3. Greater Efficiency

Today's systems offer intuitive controls that make learning to operate faster. By constantly updating operators with information about grading, workers need fewer passes to get the job done more accurately. With data measured to five percent of a foot, the system can help operators make surgically accurate cuts.

Instead of making your site prone to time-wasting errors, use the grade control system to quickly get the land movement needed for your site in as little time as possible.

4. Improve safety

For bulldozer users and those who work around the equipment, safety should be a top priority for your operation. By using a grade control system, you reduce the chance of fixing a mistake or improperly guiding the dozer.

In addition, most grade control systems eliminate the need for grade inspectors to install stakes along the grade area. When workers are not required to install stakes and ropes, there are fewer people in the bulldozer operating area.

How to Work More Accurately with A Bulldozer

5. More items

While installing a grade control system on a dozer alone will not automatically win you more bids, you will have the opportunity to bid on jobs you would not otherwise be qualified to do. Without slope control software, it would be difficult to achieve this level of accuracy. If you relied only on the old scoring method instead of grade control, you wouldn't be able to bid on jobs like this. However, the greater accuracy you can achieve by equipping your dozer with a grade control system may qualify you to bid on lucrative DOT or similar projects in your area.

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