Ten Important Points of Bulldozer Operation That Must Be Remembered!

Dec. 02, 2020

The Bulldozer driver is very important to the daily maintenance of the bulldozer to ensure the safe and effective use of the bulldozer, prevent malfunctions and accidents, and extend the service life of the bulldozer. Your bulldozer is always out of order, so what do you use to make money? So, in order to earn more money, you must do the following ten points:

1. In order to prolong the service life, the car should be stopped when the gear is changed or reversed.

2. Do not perform steering operation under load.

3. When the Track Type Dozer is doing the bulldozing operation, the cutting soil is too deep or the rear part is tilted, and the cutting depth should be adjusted in time to keep the bulldozer evenly bulldozing.

4. When the load is large, use a lower speed for operation.



5. Always be in control during exercise.

6. Choose the appropriate gear when going downhill and don't change gear when going downhill.

7. Lift the blade to a proper height before starting, about 400mm above the ground, and don't block the line of sight.

8. When parking, set the throttle to a lower speed, manipulate the unit to the neutral position, and drop the lifted working device onto the ground.

9. Run at idle speed for 5 minutes before stopping the engine. Otherwise, the engine is prone to early wear.

10. Turn off the start key and turn off the main power supply.

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