How To Maintain Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Mar. 01, 2019

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Horizontal directional drilling is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is a construction machine that can carry out drilling operations without excavating the surface. It is widely used in the laying of natural gas, gas, water supply and other pipelines. It is also because of the relatively high intensity of its usual work, so daily maintenance and maintenance is essential.

Oil Field Construction Bull Dozer

First of all, the maintenance of the cooling system is mainly for the high temperature unique to summer. If the temperature is too high on the day of the operation, the engine water temperature of the rig will be too high, which will affect the construction. In particular, the fan belt and radiator cover can be in good condition and replaced if necessary; keep the coolant in the radiator and the cooling tank at a suitable level; keep the radiator and engine debris.

Second, the filter element should be maintained. The main function of the filter element is to filter the impurities in the oil circuit or the gas path. For a long time, too much impurities will adhere to the filter element, which will affect the filtration effect, so it must be replaced regularly.

Finally, it is necessary to check various oils such as lubricating oil. The machine can maintain a certain efficiency, and the lubricant is always working. Therefore, in daily maintenance, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil of each key component is insufficient.

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