Mechanical Excavator Winter Safety Operation Points

Mar. 14, 2019

Here is Wheel Excavator China Supplier talking about excavator winter safety operation points. 

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Wheel Excavator China Supplier

In winter, due to the cold, especially in the northern region, winter excavators are more prone to failure, so the repair of the excavator needs to be prepared in advance, and the maintenance work of the excavator in winter cannot be ignored.

Today, the Mechanical Drive Loader manufacturer will introduce the safe operation of the winter small excavator.

First, the use of antifreeze fuel in winter, the biggest factor affecting the start of excavator engine in winter is fuel. The use of antifreeze fuel in winter can effectively improve the water separation of diesel, thus freezing the oil circuit.

The second is the docking position. If the winter excavator does not work for a long time, it is best to stop at the sunshade.

The third is to test whether the excavator is not used for a long time in winter. It is best to start it occasionally to check engine performance.

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