7 Operating Skills of Bulldozers

May. 24, 2021

These are some operation skills in bulldozer operation introduced by Bulldozer Supplier for you

Bulldozers are commonly used earthmoving machines and play an important role in construction sites, mines, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy and other fields. Many people think that driving a bulldozer is very easy and not as complicated as excavators and loaders. In fact, this is not the case. Although bulldozers are simple to operate, they can handle many working conditions.



Therefore, operators still need to acquire many construction operating skills to better control the bulldozer and achieve efficient operations.


Slow and heavy loads are more efficient than fast and light loads. Bulldozers should try to maintain a large load when working. Although the travel speed is relatively slow, it can reduce the number of round trips and reduce empty miles. Overall, it saves time and fuel consumption.

Tip 2

When you encounter long-distance Bulldozing work, do it in stages from front to back. Starting from the very front, each distance can be just full of material, so after pushing one section, move back one section. This will not only reduce the distance the bulldozer travels with a full load, but also reduce the distance the bulldozer returns empty, improving efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

Tip 3

Try to avoid material tumbling. Many people think that the material tumbling in front of the bulldozer is very beautiful, which is the performance of the strong power of the crawler bulldozer. In fact, material tumbling will increase the wear and tear on the blade, knife edge and knife angle, and increase the fuel consumption of the bulldozer. The correct approach is to keep increasing the load to maximum after the blades have cut in to increase efficiency. When the load is full and the material is about to roll, the blade should be lifted slightly.

Tip 4

When bulldozing near the mountain, you must grasp the principle of "high outside and low inside", that is, the side near the cliff should be higher and the side near the mountain should be lower to avoid accidental danger to the bulldozer. When pushing and unloading soil and rocks down the cliff, the speed should be slow, pay attention to timely deceleration, and the bulldozer should not push to the edge of the cliff.

Tip 5

When pushing in muddy and soft working environment, the bulldozer is easy to get stuck, so the amount of bulldozing per shovel should not be too large. Avoid stopping, shifting, steering and braking as much as possible while driving, and use 2nd gear when necessary. In the case of track slippage, the blade can be raised appropriately to reduce the bulldozer's bulldozing volume. If the bulldozer still cannot move forward, it can reverse.

Do not lift the blade at this time to avoid excessive force on the front end of the bulldozer, which will tilt forward and cause the front end of the track to sink and the rear to tilt. Do not allow turning at this time to prevent one track from being overstressed and aggravating the situation of the vehicle getting stuck. Once the vehicle is trapped, do not frequently increase the throttle for self-rescue to prevent the bulldozer from sinking deeper and deeper.

Tip 6

When pushing buried rocks, push from high to low. At the beginning, use a small throttle, wait until the stone is loose, then increase the throttle to push the stone away. If it is a rock or pile of rubble on the ground, push with the blade close to the ground and the crawler in contact with the ground as much as possible. If you are cleaning debris in a tunnel or underground cave, you should first clear a path from the edge and then push the debris out of the cave one by one from the edge to the middle.

Tip 7

If a bulldozer has to cross a river, it should choose a place where the current is relatively swift and try not to cross the river, because the silt in the riverbed in such a place can easily trap the car. The depth of the river should not exceed the oil gauge opening of the bulldozer's crankcase. Use first gear or second gear to cross the river quickly, do not stop or reverse.

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