Precautions For The Excavator In The Soft Operation Of The Land

Mar. 25, 2019

Precautions for the Civil Construction Loader in the soft operation of the land:

1. Try it first with a bucket.

2. Don't stay in one place for a long time.

3. Take more straight roads and turn less.

Oil Field Construction Bull Dozer

If the Mechanical Drive Loader gets stuck in the mud, don't worry. Don't try to climb out with a set of climbing methods, only climb deeper and deeper. There are many ways to save:

1. If the trap is not very deep, first empty both tracks and try again.

2. If you still can't come out, try the depth of the mud first. If it is not very deep, dig the soil in front of you and open a path for yourself. Slowly approach the hard ground on the shore.

3. If the mud is infinitely deep, rent a few iron plates or roadbeds and press it under the track to get rid of the trouble easily.

 4. The blind spot of the cab is on the left side, and the passive arm in the middle blocks the line of sight, so there is a big blind spot on the right side, especially the right rear. Many excavator accidents are caused by the rotation of the right side of the tail or the deceased. Therefore, when working in a narrow area, the excavator should try to stay to the left and leave more space on the right side.

The rearview mirror is a very fragile thing on the excavator. It often fails in work or traffic. Many drivers feel when they touch it. If it doesn't matter, it won't be replaced by a new rearview mirror. At the top, The rearview mirror of the excavator is very important, especially on the right side. The accident is usually caused by a lack of safety awareness!

 5. When the Oil Field Construction Bull Dozer riding on the ditch is digging a ditch, you can only open half of the track regardless of the geological conditions. The distance is no longer safe and there is a danger of a landslide. Maybe the builder will not tell you anything. Don't listen to him, he only cares about your safety. Qualified drivers should have independent thinking and safety awareness, which is the basic professional ethics.

Therefore, when digging trenches, you can't go back to a place and dig again. If you are not sure, please construct a function to test a few points. If he doesn't measure, you will dig slowly, you will be under the ditch. Slope. If you need to re To dig long distances, you must fill the grooves first, which is cumbersome but safe.

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