Several Working Environments of Excavator

Apr. 09, 2020

As the most common machinery in engineering, excavator can work in various environmental situations, so what should we pay attention to under these working conditions? Let the Excavator Manufacturer tell you below.

1. Excavator works in cold winter

When the temperature is particularly low, the viscosity of various oils increases and it becomes difficult to start the engine, and if the coolant freezes, it will damage the engine and the water tank.

1) Switch to diesel, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil with low viscosity.

2) When using the machine in cold winter, the proportion of antifreeze added to the cooling system should be the proportion at the lowest temperature. The use of methanol, ethanol or propanol-based antifreeze is prohibited. Whether it is used alone or mixed with antifreeze, we must avoid the use of anti-leakage agent. Do not mix one antifreeze with another antifreeze of a different brand. For permanent antifreeze, there is no need to replace it within one year. If there is no permanent antifreeze, only ethylene glycol antifreeze without anti-corrosion agent is allowed in winter. In this case, the cooling system should be cleaned twice a year (in spring or autumn), only add antifreeze in autumn, and no more antifreeze in spring.

3) After the temperature is lowered, the battery's ability to charge will be reduced and it may freeze. Cover the battery or remove it from the machine, put it in a warm place, and install it before the next day's work. If you find that the battery electrolyte level is too low, you should add distilled water before work the next morning, do not add water after the completion of the day to prevent freezing at night.

4) In order to prevent the machine from starting the next morning due to the freezing of mud and water, the mud and water on the body must be completely removed to prevent mud or dirt from entering the sealing ring with water droplets and damaging the sealing device.

5) Retract the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder into the cylinder barrel to avoid mud and water sticking to the piston rod and damaging the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder.

6) Stop the machine on a hard, dry ground. If there is no condition, you can stop the machine on a wooden board and turn it on the next day

7) Open the drain valve to drain the water accumulated in the fuel system to prevent freezing.

8) After the machine is working in muddy water, the muddy water on the vehicle must be removed as follows: the engine runs at low speed, the upper device is turned 90 degrees, and the working device is turned to the side of the crawler; The crawler floats gently, allowing the crawler to run idly to remove the muddy water on the other side.



2. Excavator works in the coastal area

Before operation, check whether the screw plug, drain valve and each cover are loose. If loose, tighten them. When necessary, add appropriate amount of grease to the electrical equipment to prevent the equipment from corrosion. After the operation, the entire machine should be thoroughly cleaned to remove salt, and grease or lubricating oil should be added where necessary to avoid corrosion.

3. Excavator works in dusty areas

1) Always check and clean the air filter element and replace it if necessary.

2) Frequently check the water pollution in the water tank and shorten the time interval for cleaning the water tank to prevent the interior from being blocked by impurities and affecting the heat dissipation of the engine and hydraulic system.

3) Be careful when adding diesel, do not allow impurities to mix in the diesel, and check the diesel filter at an appropriate time, and replace it if necessary.

4) The starting motor and generator should be cleaned at an appropriate time to avoid accumulation of dust.

These are the working environments of the excavator introduced by Bulldozer China Factory.

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