How To Improve The Working Efficiency Of Small Excavator?

Jun. 28, 2020

When working with a small excavator, you must have a certain technology. In order to improve the service life of the small excavator, the small excavator works faster and more efficiently, so how to improve the work efficiency of the small excavator, introduce several aspects.

1. The working state of the excavator and the matters needing attention of the truck: the number of dump trucks and the carrying capacity matched with the excavator should meet the requirements of the production capacity of the excavator and the capacity of the dump truck should be an integer multiple of the capacity of the excavator bucket. At the same time, try to use the double loading method to make the excavator fill one, and then install the next one, because the two dump trucks are parked on the arc line that the excavator bucket can unload the soil, so the shovel The bucket is full and the car is turned forward, and the other car is filled when it is reversed, thereby improving the loading efficiency.

2. Reasonable layout of the excavator worksite: the driving route of the dump truck should be worked out in advance during construction to eliminate unnecessary uphill ramps. For each excavation road of the excavator, there must be an empty car return road to avoid mutual interference when the dump truck enters and exits. All running roads should be kept good to facilitate the operation of dump trucks.

3. Cautions for excavator operation: The driver of the excavator should have a proficient operation technique, and try to use the compound operation to reduce the cycle time of the excavator.

4. Note on the mechanical performance of the excavator: The technical condition of the excavator has a greater impact on its productivity, especially the power of the engine. In addition, when the bucket teeth wear, the cutting resistance of the bucket will increase by 60%-90%, so the blunt bucket teeth should be replaced.

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