History Of Track Bulldozer

Jul. 02, 2018

Track Bulldozer was developed by American Benjamin Holt in 1904. It was formed by installing a human-powered bulldozer in front of the crawler tractor. The power was steam engine, and then it was successfully driven by natural gas powered and gasoline engines. The track bulldozer, bulldozer blade also evolved from manpower to rope hoisting. With the continuous advancement of technology, bulldozers have adopted diesel engines for their power, and bulldozers and rippers have all been lifted by hydraulic cylinders. Bulldozers, in addition to crawler bulldozers, also have a bulldozer, which has emerged about ten years later than tracked bulldozers. Because the track bulldozer has a better adhesion performance and can exert greater traction, so at home and abroad, the variety and quantity of its products far exceeds that of a bulldozer.

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Track Bulldozer History

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