Troubleshooting Bulldozers

Feb. 27, 2020

Bulldozer is an earthmoving engineering machine capable of excavating, transporting and abandoning rock and soil. It is widely used in open-pit mines. For example, it is used for the construction of dumping grounds, leveling of automotive dumping grounds, accumulation of scattered ore rocks, leveling work flat plates and construction sites. It is used not only for auxiliary work, but also for main mining work. Today Crawler Dozer Supplier will introduce the troubleshooting of the bulldozer.



1.Main clutch slips

When the main clutch of the bulldozer slips, the engine speed is normal and does not emit black smoke, and the working device works normally, but the machine is struggling to climb the hill and cannot even walk. The main clutch slip is the most common failure of Dozer. The main reasons are: wear of the master and follower plates; the lock pin of the adjustment disk is welded; the main clutch lever is not in place; Clutch slipping is sometimes very difficult to handle. Generally, the repairman handles it by repeatedly turning the adjustment disk. If the clutch still slips after adjusting the adjustment disk for many times, it is often to remove the transmission first and disassemble the main clutch blindly. This will not only find the failure point but also damage other parts and delay production, resulting in large economic losses. For this reason, careful analysis should be carried out according to the possible causes mentioned above in order to be effective.

2. The main clutch lever is heavy

The main reasons are: the oil filter is clogged and the oil supply is insufficient, making the booster ineffective; the main clutch hydraulic system is short of oil; the booster is damaged or the booster safety valve is defective; the bimetallic sleeve in the moving sleeve is burned. When there is a serious failure of the clutch lever, you should first check whether the oil level of the hydraulic system meets the requirements; if the oil level is appropriate, you can temporarily remove the oil filter, and then pull the main clutch lever. If you feel the lever becomes stiff, It means that the oil filter is blocked. In this case, you only need to clean or replace the oil filter. If the oil circuit is normal but the main clutch lever is heavy, you can first check whether the safety valve of the booster is stuck or draining oil. If there is no problem with the booster safety valve, you must check the booster; or check the bimetal sleeve in the moving sleeve Whether it is burnt or not, can be replaced with a new one.

3. The gear makes a strange noise when shifting gears, making it difficult to mesh

The main reasons are: the adjusting disc is too tight; the hand brake has a poor braking effect. When the adjusting disc is too tight, the main clutch is difficult to disengage, so the power cannot be cut off, which causes abnormal noises when the gear is shifted. At this time, the adjustment dial should be adjusted counterclockwise to an appropriate position, that is, when adjusting the main clutch, as long as the main clutch handle can be clearly heard when you clear the clear call when you cross the dead point. If the hand brake is not effective, it will cause the main clutch to disengage, but the main clutch shaft will still rotate due to inertia. Gears are difficult to mesh and make strange noises. At this time, the small brake band must be adjusted or replaced.

4.The main clutch cannot be engaged

The main reasons are: the short pin on the coupling plate is falling off; the weight of the moving sleeve is reversely installed; the main clutch is not covered during the repair process; If the weight is reversed, the moving sleeve cannot enter the adjustment disk). If necessary, remove the moving sleeve, re-tighten the short pin, and install the adjustment disk. If the main clutch lever shaft is not installed in place, the lever shaft should be adjusted in place according to regulations.

The above is the troubleshooting of the bulldozer introduced by Excavator Manufacturer.

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