Water And Land Excavator Operation Precautions

Jun. 14, 2019

Here is Civil Construction Bulldozer manufacturer talking about Water And Land Excavator Operation Precautions.

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Although the amphibious excavator can work in the water, it has strict requirements on the water depth. When the water depth exceeds the working range, the excavator will float on the water surface and cannot work. If the operation is careless, the car body will be tilted and tipped over.

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Amphibious excavators are usually well maintained, because of the special nature of the work, once the situation occurs in the work, it will be more difficult to handle than the dry excavator. Doing daily maintenance and maintenance can save a lot of effort in your work.

Refueling is a particularly important thing for amphibious excavators. Because of this, amphibious excavators are generally equipped with super-large fuel tanks to prevent fuel tank burnout during work. Pay attention to checking the fuel tank during work. In addition, when working in an excavator, care should be taken not to dig into the walking iron chain rails, resulting in damage to the hull.

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