What Amazing Things Can You Do with A Bulldozer

Mar. 08, 2022

From hauling materials to towing objects to clearing land, a bulldozer is capable of a vast array of tasks and is certainly not a pretty but useless vase.

Bulldozers are especially tractors equipped with heavy-duty front-end scrapers on tracks or wheels. Despite their relatively simple design, bulldozers can be used for a number of tasks in industries such as earthmoving, construction, mining, road building, forestry and agriculture.

Move large material

Want to push things out of the way? Get a bulldozer.

The main function of a bulldozer is roughing in applications such as mining, site development and road construction. For such applications, bulldozers are typically equipped with heavy-duty metal blades that are strong enough to move piles of dirt or other materials. A track that provides excellent grip in all conditions.

What Amazing Things Can You Do with A Bulldozer

Clearing land

It is widely believed that the easiest way to clear land for agriculture is to use a large bulldozer.

Some of the ways this can be accomplished are: simply pushing down smaller trees; pushing large trees with good root systems; using chains to uproot stumps and boulders; and using rake attachments to pull apart and remove smaller debris and roots.

Building fire lines

Many rural fire departments around the world use bulldozers to construct bushfire control lines. These are essentially dirt roads near fires designed to stop them from spreading further.

While blades are often used in this application, some organizations have switched to rakes, which remove vegetation to create mineral soil control lines and leave most of the soil behind. This allows for faster post-fire recovery.


Landfill management is probably the toughest job a dozer can take on, so the machine requires a higher level of protection than usual.

Additional features for landfill dozers include guards for the radiator, engine compartment, crankcase and tilting cylinder lines; self-cleaning track plates and guards to prevent trash from clogging the landing gear; blade-type trash racks; and an additional counterweight with tie rods.

What Amazing Things Can You Do with A Bulldozer

Tearing things up

Many bulldozers have a long, claw-like device at the rear, called a ripper, to break up the ground in order to push or shovel it out of the way so that the ground can be kept level or plowed.

The cracker may consist of a single tine bar or blade, or two or more tine bars.

Winch power

When you want to pull, not push, with a bulldozer, a winch is the answer. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including load hauling, wreck recovery, stump removal and tree pulling.

Dozers are ideally suited to many forestry tasks, including hauling logs, heavy cutting and pushing, and loosening densely compacted material.

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