Why Should You Use a Bulldozer?

Feb. 03, 2023

Bulldozers are very effective heavy mechanical components, but not everyone knows how they work or appreciates their power. In this article, we will explain the history of the bulldozer and how it works.


The history of the bulldozer

Before the invention of the crawler tractor, to which Benjamin Holt is often credited, metal blades were attached to livestock and pulled by them to do the work of bulldozing. Holt's invention came shortly after the turn of the 20th century. A British company called R. Hornsby and Sons sold its bulldozer patent to Holt in the 1910s, and the use of the bulldozer took off in the 1920s as it became more popular. Since that time, improvements have been made and will continue to be made in the future. Now that we've covered some history, let's delve into the features, uses and classifications of modern bulldozers.


Bulldozers are iconic devices in the category of machines known as heavy equipment. Also known as bulldozers, crawler tractors or tracked tractors, they are synonymous with power and reliability. They are equipped with hydraulically operated horizontal blades and are used to move large amounts of dirt, rock and other materials. Bulldozers are mounted on tracks and use their wide blades for land clearing, grading, excavating, placing and transporting materials. The bulldozer is used in construction work, mining, agriculture and forestry.


Its tracks and low center of gravity provide traction and stability on slopes and unstable surfaces. This also increases the transfer of power to the ground. Because of their metal tracks, these bulldozers cannot maneuver over paved surfaces. There are also a variety of blades and other attachments available for bulldozers. These attachments enable the bulldozers to perform a variety of tasks under different operating conditions.

 SD7NLGP Bulldozer

SD7NLGP Bulldozer

What is a bulldozer? How does it work?

Most people don't realize it, but bulldozers are actually classified as tractors first! The difference between a dozer and a farm tractor is the metal plate (also called a blade) on the front of the dozer. However, similar to tractors, bulldozers are used to push large amounts of debris and raw materials, including sand, rocks, dirt and bricks.


The bulldozer works mainly thanks to the forces exerted by its tracking system. The tracks that rotate around the bottom of the bulldozer act like a circular belt, giving it considerable resilience over rough terrain and the ability to transport and hold heavy loads.


Other important components of a bulldozer are the loosener and the shovel blade. As mentioned earlier, the blade is often used interchangeably with "plate" to refer to the large metal structure at the front of the bulldozer. This is the part responsible for heavy pushing.


The loosener of the bulldozer is located on the other side of the shovel, all the way at the rear of the machine. As the name implies, this device "rips up" the ground and material covered by the bulldozer. It is shaped like a claw and can produce this powerful shearing effect. If the ground is tightly packed or compacted, the loosener will make the soil softer and more suitable for tilling.


Why use a bulldozer?

Like most heavy machines, bulldozers are designed to make our work and lives easier. If you work in any industry that requires moving or physically modifying large amounts of material, you may be inclined to use a bulldozer. This includes construction, agriculture, civil engineering, demolition, home improvement, and more.


While the original design is still practically the same design that most people use today, bulldozers have been improved and modified to expand their application and effectiveness. In the field of combat engineering, bulldozers may be equipped with armor to improve durability and operator protection. Perhaps more excitingly, especially for those involved in construction management, remote-controlled bulldozers are now available, allowing operators to control their heavy machinery from a safe distance. This allows them to perform work that may put workers in dangerous or uncomfortable situations, whether they are related to weather conditions, falling debris or the threat of surrounding equipment.

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