380DTH Drilling rig

380-DTH is a high-performance split-type pneumatic drilling rig developed and manufactured by Taiye Drilling Rig in accordance with the "low-cost, high-efficiency" industry requirements of the drilling industry.

380-DTH integrates the advanced technology of the current split pneumatic drilling rig. The prototype has passed over 3000 hours of destructive operation experiments and 4 kinds of field tests in different geological environments. It has improved more than 10 mechanical loopholes. Finally, the three key technical problems of the previous “high failure rate, high wind consumption, and high use cost” of the split-type pneumatic drilling rig were solved. The result is an easy-to-operate low-maintenance split-type pneumatic drill with low maintenance costs, low wind requirements, and high drilling speed.


Technical Features

Rotary reducer

1. The internal structure is reasonable and easy to maintain. The rotary head is replaced with an enhanced shock absorber, which can reduce the impact reaction force of the drilling. The gear-type rotary motor has fast speed, large starting torque, rapid start and stop, and reliable. It has overload protection and low temperature rise for long-term work.

2. Strong chassis

The high-strength running mechanism provides strength and durability for the whole machine. The surfaces of the drive wheels, guide wheels, track rollers, and track pads are all specially wear-resistant. The drive is strong and the adaptability is good, enabling the equipment to be used in complex terrain Maintain a stable walking posture. Use one-time oil lubrication to avoid the tedious of frequent maintenance and maintenance during use.

3. Central control hydraulic system

The ergonomically designed integrated control console integrates hydraulic actuators, drilling systems, etc. in one place to optimize operability and operating efficiency. The body is equipped with a foldable detachable operation pedal to meet the requirements of single-person operation.

4. Robotic arm

The new structure of the mechanical arm mechanism expands the drilling direction and working range through five coupling mechanisms and hydraulic oil cylinders. Extended carriage, manganese steel slide rail and multi-group roller design skateboard can withstand large torque, resist deformation, and extend the service life of the carriage.

Performance Parameters

Drilling hole diameter90-165mm
Max actual air pressure2.5Mpa
Air consumption1.73/0.3Mpa m³/min
Turning torque2000N.m
Turning speed70Rpm
Pushing lenght3980mm
Maximum pushing force11KN
Sliding frame swingLeft 47°/Right 54°
Drilling boom swingLeft 40°/Right 40°
Drilling boom pitchinghorizontal 23°/46°
Grade ability35°
Feeding motor power3.8Kw

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