T45 Full Hydraulic Top Hammer Surface drilling rig

T45 full hydraulic top hammer surface rock drilling rig uses the world famous YAMAMOTO high-power hydraulic rock drilling rig for perforating operation. It is suitable for all kinds of medium-sized open-pit mines and quarries, and is especially suitable for perforating operations in rock layers above medium hardness. The perforating speed is fast, the production efficiency is high, the comprehensive fuel consumption is low, and the dust removal effect is good. It is an efficient, energy saving and environmentally friendly rock drilling equipment.



Technical Features

Our Full hydraulic surface top-hammer drilling rig has a perfect combination:


1. Hydraulic rock drill

YAMAMOTO YH-100 hydraulic rock drill is the core component of the rig, which directly affects the reliability and service life of the whole machine. YH-100 rock drill is manufactured in Japanese factory, with reliable quality, sturdy and durable. Since 1979, it has provided a series of hydraulic rock drills to the world famous drill rig manufacturers. The hydraulic rock drill has an impact power of 20.6kw and an impact frequency of up to 2500bpm, which is very suitable for drilling operations with a hole diameter of 76mm ~ 127mm.


2. Compressor of Full Hydraulic Top Hammer Surface drilling rig

American Sullivan-Palatek is a world-renowned manufacturer of screw compressors, and its screw assemblies are well-known for their high efficiency, reliability and long life. The compressor discharge volume is 10.5 m³/ min, and the discharge pressure is 10.5 bar. Even under complicated geological conditions, it can provide sufficient gas for cleaning holes and smoothly discharge rock cuttings.


3. Control System of Full Hydraulic Top Hammer Surface drilling rig

The unique and easy-to-control rock drilling control system can automatically adjust the propulsion speed, propulsion pressure, slewing torque and impact pressure according to the rock conditions, to achieve the best working condition, and eliminate abnormal accidents such as stuck thread wear. The components of the hydraulic system are selected from domestic and abroad well-known manufacturers to ensure the reliability and durability of the whole machine.


Performance Parameters

Drill bit & rodHole diameter76-127mm
Drill rodT45/T51
Rock DrillRock drillYH-100
Output power20.6kw
Rotate speed0-150RPM

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