The 3 Most Common Types of Bulldozers

Jun. 09, 2021

What type of bulldozer should I rent?" This is a question we hear so often from our customers that we decided to create a detailed guide to help people determine which dozer is best for their particular project. Below is a description of the three types of bulldozers from Bulldozer Suppliers, including the benefits of each type of bulldozer. We hope this guide is helpful to you.

What are bulldozers used for?

Before we start looking at the types of dozers, let's look at the definition of a dozer. A bulldozer is a tracked or wheeled tractor that can be identified by the metal plate on the front of the machine. Bulldozers are used to push and excavate dirt and gravel from construction sites or mining quarries. They are also used to backfill ditches, clear and grade land, and maintain roads.



Before renting or buying a dozer, there are several factors you should consider:

The type of terrain the machine will be working on

The specifics of the project

The size of the work space

Type of bulldozer and the advantages of:

1. Wheeled bulldozers

Benefits: The tires on a wheeled bulldozer make it easier to move and steer.

As the name implies, wheeled bulldozers have wheels rather than tracks. Wheeled dozers are ideal for projects that require working on soft or sensitive surfaces because tires cause less surface disturbance than tracks typically do. Wheeled dozers are also a good choice for projects that require mobility and versatility. Wheeled dozers are generally larger than crawler dozers, have articulated hydraulic steering and move on smaller axles.

2. Crawler dozer

Benefits: The Crawler Dozer's tracks make it ideal for jobsites with irregular or uneven terrain.

Crawler bulldozers are the most common type of bulldozer and can be identified by their tracks and the ripper at the back. Because a crawler dozer has tracks, it is well suited for terrain that requires traction.

3. Mini bulldozers

Advantages: The mini dozer's small size makes it easy to maneuver in tight job sites.

Mini dozers are also known as compact dozers - ideal for tight areas or small lots, such as driveways. Similar to mini excavators, mini dozers are smaller than standard-sized bulldozers.

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