5 Basic Routine Maintenance for Crawler Bulldozers

Apr. 25, 2022

Routine maintenance is a very important task. Doing a good job can not only make the bulldozer run safely, but also extend its service life. Therefore, bulldozers should be inspected and maintained as required before and after operation. hbxg introduces them for you.

Maintenance of track

The adjustment of track tension is done by adding grease to the nozzle of the tension cylinder or discharging grease from the outlet nozzle, referring to the standard clearance of each model. When the track pitch is stretched to the point that a set of track sections needs to be removed, the engagement surface of the drive wheel teeth and the pin sleeve will also show abnormal wear. In this case, the crawler bulldozer maintenance method should be handled properly before the engagement condition deteriorates and the crawler is maintained. Type bulldozer methods such as turning over pins and pin bushings, replacing excessively worn pins and pin bushings, and replacing track section assemblies.

Daily inspection

Check the bulldozer before daily work. Look around and under the machine, check whether the nuts and bolts are loose, no oil, fuel or coolant leakage, check the working device and hydraulic system, check whether they are loose. wire, for gaps, and for dust buildup in hot areas; check the work unit, cylinders, connecting rods, and hoses for cracks, excessive wear, or gaps.

4 Basic Routine Maintenance for Crawler Bulldozers

Limescale treatment

Every 600 hours on the diesel engine cooling system for a scale treatment. In the scale treatment, generally use acidic cleaning solution to clean first, then use alkaline water solution to neutralize. Through the chemical reaction, the water insoluble scale is converted into water-soluble salt, and these salts are removed by water.


Diesel bulldozers walking mechanism lubrication is very important. Many roller bearings burned up and scrapped due to oil leakage, not found in time. It is generally believed that there may be oil leakage in the following places: due to defective or damaged O-ring between retaining ring and shaft, oil leakage between retaining ring and outer side of shaft; due to loose oil plug or damaged tapered plug sealing seat hole, oil leakage at oil plug; due to defective O-ring, oil leakage between retaining block cover and roller. Therefore, lubrication and oil leakage check is important.

Other matters

In rainy and dusty working conditions, in addition to the strict implementation of regular maintenance regulations, special attention should be paid to tighten the oil plug to prevent water corrosion; check the final drive for mud and water; pay special attention to the oil injector, electrical appliances, grease cleaning, etc. When refueling, keep the operator's hands clean of oil drums, diesel tanks, refueling ports, tools, etc. When using the oil pump, pay attention not to pump up the sediment at the bottom of the barrel.

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4 Basic Routine Maintenance for Crawler Bulldozers

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