What Are Advantages of Fully Hydraulic Drilling Rigs

Nov. 09, 2021

Full hydraulic drilling rigs are also called full hydraulic drilling rigs. This type of drilling rig can realize stepless variable speed by high pressure variable oil pump, which can simplify the transmission mechanism and eliminate the gearbox, which not only reduces the weight of the drilling rig, but also makes full use of the power. At the same time, the drilling rig has high speed, smooth work, convenient and safe operation, easy to realize automation and instrumentation, which is especially suitable for high-speed small-diameter drilling.

T45 Full Hydraulic Top Hammer Surface drilling rig

Fully hydraulic drilling rigs can be divided into two categories from the viewpoint of structure. Follow HBXG to know more.

Vertical shaft type

1、The vertical shaft type rotary unit, gear transmission and elevator are retained, but the rotary unit and elevator are driven by one or two oil motors or driven separately.

2、The power machine drives two oil pumps: one is an axial piston variable oil pump to drive the oil motor for stepless control of the rotary and elevator; one is a vane pump or gear pump to drive the hydraulic cylinder to control the chuck and vertical axis feeding.

3. The pressure increase and decrease, speed adjustment and lifting and lowering of cobalt tools during drilling are all concentrated on the console, and there are instrumentation tests, which are favorable to the observation and analysis of the drilling situation in the hole.

Power head type

1. The appearance and structure are completely different from the traditional drilling rigs, and most of them have eliminated the gearbox, splitter box, drilling tower and elevator. Transmission, speed change, circular rotation, feeding, lifting and lowering of drilling tools, screwing and unscrewing of drill pipes and other manipulations are all hydraulic. It has the advantages of simple structure, light weight and easy operation.

2、The main body of the drilling rig is a mobile hydraulic power head, mostly composed of oil motor, gear box and hydraulic chuck (or rotating tap). It is composed of three in one, realizing stepless speed change.

3、The hydraulic pipe frame can add and reduce pressure to the drilling tool, guide the power head, and lift the drilling tool.

5、The operating console is equipped with various control valves, and some drilling rigs adopt plate type oil circuit, and the valves are connected without pipes, and are also equipped with various meters to facilitate the adoption of optimal drilling parameters. Compact structure, easy and light operation, can reduce the quota of operators. 

380DTH Drilling rig

Advantages of hydraulic drive

Small volume and light weight, so the inertia force is small and no big shock occurs when there is a sudden overload or stop.

The ability to smoothly and automatically adjust the traction speed within a given range, and to realize infinitely adjustable speed.

easy to change direction, without changing the direction of rotation of the engine, it can be more convenient to realize the conversion of the work mechanism rotation and linear reciprocating motion.

hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are connected with oil pipe, which are not strictly limited to each other in space arrangement.

Since oil is used as the working medium, the relative moving surfaces of the components can lubricate themselves, with little wear and long service life.

Easy manipulation and control, high degree of automation, and constant power can be realized by variable device.

Hydraulic pump variable can be controlled by negative flow and electromagnetism, which can be realized to protect the engine and synchronize with the engine output power.

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