What Are The Unique Characteristics Of Small Agricultural Excavators?

Mar. 09, 2019

Mini Agriculture Excavator has gradually been applied to agricultural work in various places. What kind of work characteristics does agricultural mini excavator have? 

What kind of function does this feature have for Mini Agriculture Loader? Today we small agricultural excavator manufacturers come to summarize the unique working characteristics of agricultural small excavators.

1. Due to the design of the tail radius, when the Agriculture Bulldozer is working in a limited working environment, the mini excavator operator does not need to consider whether there are obstacles that hinder the rotation of the small excavator so that the operator can concentrate more on the bucket. This also prevents damage to small excavators around buildings and construction sites. The main feature of agricultural mini excavators in narrow areas is their special boom design.

Agriculture Loader

2. The boom of the agricultural mini excavator is hinged to the fuselage and can swing over a wide range. This design allows the mini excavator to avoid obstacles when bypassing obstacles without having to move the body frequently. This allows small excavators to easily carry out excavation work beside walls or walls. The rubber track of agricultural mini excavators helps to reduce the damage to the narrow building area landscape and road during excavation.

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