Bulldozer Export To Philippines

Jan. 15, 2019

Recently, Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd shipped 20 SD5K Bulldozers to the Ministry of Defense of the Philippines.

This Bulldozer has a very high performance:

1. National standard engine, strong power

2. Smooth operation and stable stability

3. Simple operation and smarter

4. Advanced technology and long life

5. Comfortable, efficient, safe and reliable

The transaction fully proves that the bulldozers and after-sales services we produce are fully recognized and guaranteed.

As an old-fashioned enterprise in the development and manufacture of Bulldozer China Supplier, we are based on the overall development trend of domestic and international engineering machinery Hengye, the competitive situation and its own advantages, focus on market differentiation, adhere to technological innovation, adhere to technological progress, and actively promote product upgrade structure adjustment and upgrade. Replacement, to provide users with T Series and SD series of Bulldozers.

Bulldozer China Supplier

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