Hebei Xuanhua Machinery Sales Report

Jan. 07, 2019

Domestic Dozer sales fell for two consecutive months and rebounded in October.

In October 2018, the nine major bulldozer manufacturers in China included a total of 455 bulldozers of various types, up 17.88% year-on-year. Since the beginning of this year, the cumulative sales of bulldozers has reached 6,202 units, a year-on-year increase of 26.8%.

1. Look at the brand competition.

In October, Shantui sold 288 Bulldozers, accounting for 58% of the total sales, ranking first; Shangong Machinery's sales of 50 units ranked second, Liugong's sales of 44 units, and Xuangong and Yishan's sales were all 27 units.

In the first 10 months, Shantui sold nearly 4,200 bulldozers, accounting for 67.7% of the total sales; Shangong Machinery sold about 520 units, accounting for 8.4%; Liugong sold more than 410 units; Xuangong sold more than 350 units.

2. From the model

160 horsepower as the main sales model, the first 10 months of cumulative sales of 3,775 units, accounting for 60.8% of the total sales; followed by 220 horsepower, cumulative sales of 1,085 units, accounting for 17.5%; followed by 320 horsepower 355, 170 horsepower 270, 165 260 horsepower and 228 horsepower 230 horsepower.

3. From the regional performance

In the first 10 months, the top six provinces were Anhui, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Henan, with sales of 584, 482, 389, 301, 237 and 213 units respectively.

In the first 10 months, sales of standard and wetland bulldozers accounted for about 50% each.

4. Look at the export performance again.

In October, 135 bulldozers were exported, accounting for 30.3% of the total sales, down 1.4% year-on-year. Since the beginning of this year, the total number of bulldozers has been exported to 1,762 units, a year-on-year increase of 24.3%.

In the first 10 months, Shantui accumulatively exported 1038 bulldozers; Pengpu, Shangong and Xuangong exported 150, 144 and 137 respectively.

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