Six Maintenance Of Methods Bulldozer

Sep. 11, 2018

Bulldozer For Port Construction simple maintenance method:

1. Check the working device, cylinder, connecting rod and hose for cracks, excessive wear or play.

2. Check the engine for oil leakage and whether the cooling system leaks. Repair if abnormality is found.

3. Check the drive train box, final transmission box, hydraulic oil tank, hose and joint for oil leakage. If abnormality is found, repair the oil leakage.

4. Check the armrest for damage, loose bolts, repair the damaged parts and tighten the loose bolts.

5. Whether the instrument and lamp on the instrument panel are damaged or not, whether there are loose bolts. If abnormalities are found, replace the parts and remove any dirt on the surface.

6. Check the monitor panel.

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Bulldozer For Port Construction

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