Considerations Of Wheel Loader

Sep. 15, 2018

The Wearing Resistance Wheel Loader What should you pay attention to when you stop working?

1. When the loader stops working, it should be parked on the ground and the bucket should be placed on the ground. When the engine of the downhole loader is turned off, it is necessary to repeatedly move the handle of the work device to ensure that each hydraulic cylinder is in a no-pressure rest state. When the loader can only be parked on a ramp, the tire must be secured.

2. When the loader stops working, the operator should place the various handles of the loader in the neutral or intermediate position.

3. The operator should remove the electric lock key before getting off the vehicle, then turn off the main power switch, and finally close the door and window of the loader.

4. It is forbidden to park the loader in an open fire or high temperature area to prevent the tire from exploding due to heat and causing an accident.

5. When using a combination valve or a gas tank to inflate the tire, the loader operator must not stand on the front of the tire to prevent the explosion from injuring people.

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Wearing Resistance Wheel Loader

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