Crane Scrapping Standard

Jan. 04, 2019

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October 14, 2018, is the 49th World Standards Day with the Subject" International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

Just lately, the national and international crane scrapping standards" Technical Conditions for the Retirement of Casting Cranes" has been created, which filled the blank of the dearth of machine scrapping standards in the field of crane machines technology in the home and abroad, and played a positive role in promoting industrial conversion and transformation. For quite a while, they've played an important part in the evolution of China's domestic economy. From the end of 2017, there were more than 220 cranes in operation across the country, and 93 big accidents occurred. The projecting crane has the characteristics of high complete load speed, higher frequency of use, high working environment temperature and many clouds of dust. It is a field with frequent accidents and the damage caused by injuries is quite large. The majority of the causes of accidents in these foundry cranes are brought on by long-term usage,"disease" work along with other explanations.

The scrapping terms of cranes are a worldwide problem. There are no crane scrapping criteria in most states in the world. China first suggested the technical conditions for scrapping cranes, which is tough and difficult. The criteria cover several facets like structural form, design anxiety, manufacturing process, installation quality, load status, functioning environment, track error, operation mode, maintenance and so on. There are lots of influencing factors, and the failure mechanism is complicated. There's no precedent experience and no international standards to follow along. The formula of the"Technical Conditions for the Retirement of Casting Cranes" standard can foster the upgrading and updating of projecting cranes, reduce the incidence of safety accidents, supply technical basis for the scrapping of their foundry crane, the evaluation of remaining life along with the replacement of vulnerable components, and also establish a crane. The mechanical scrapping standard system sets the foundation.

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