Excavator Drivers Must Learn

Mar. 26, 2020

Today, the Excavator Manufacturer will share with you some of the necessary knowledge of excavators.

1, it is not advisable to eat too much soil each time when digging, and the bucket should not be too fierce, so as not to damage the machine or cause an overturning accident. When the bucket drops, take care not to impact the track and frame.

2, The personnel who cooperate with the operation to clear the ground, level the ground and repair the slope must work within the turning radius of the excavator. If it is necessary to work within the excavator's turning radius, the excavator must stop turning and stop the turning mechanism before working. At the same time, the people on board and under the plane must take care of each other and cooperate closely to ensure safety.

3, Vehicles and pedestrians shall not be parked within the excavator loading range. If you unload the car, you should wait for the car to stop. After the driver leaves the cab, you can turn the bucket to unload the car. When the excavator is turning, try to avoid the bucket from passing over the top of the cab. When unloading, the bucket should be lowered as much as possible, but pay attention not to hit any part of the car.

4, when the Excavator is turning, the turning clutch is used in conjunction with the turning mechanism brake to smoothly rotate, and rapid turning and emergency braking are prohibited.



5, Before the bucket does not leave the ground, it is not allowed to make any movements such as turning and running. When the bucket is fully loaded and suspended, do not lift the boom and walk.

6, When the crawler excavator moves, the boom should be placed in the forward direction of the walking, and the height of the bucket from the ground should not exceed 1 meter. And stop the turning mechanism.

7, When the excavator goes uphill, the driving wheels should be at the back and the boom should be above; when the excavator is downhill, the driving wheels should be at the front and the boom should be at the back. The up and down slope must not exceed 20 °. When driving downhill, you should drive slowly, and no shifting or neutral taxiing is allowed on the way. When the excavator passes the track, soft soil, clay pavement, it should be laid.

8, When excavating loose soil on a high working surface, large stones and other debris in the working surface should be removed to avoid accidents caused by collapse. If the soil is dug into a suspended state and cannot fall naturally, it needs to be handled manually, and it is not allowed to be smashed or pressed by a bucket to avoid causing an accident.

9, The excavator should not make any haste when making turns. If the curve is too large, turn it in turns, each within 20 °.

10, When the electric excavator is connected to a power source, the circuit breaker on the switch box must be removed. Non-electrical personnel are strictly prohibited from installing electrical equipment. When the excavator is moving, the cable should be moved by staff wearing pressure resistant rubber shoes or insulated gloves. And pay attention to prevent the cable from abrasion and leakage.

11, During the work of the excavator, it is strictly forbidden to carry out repairs, maintenance and tightening. If abnormal sounds, odors, or excessive temperature rises occur during work, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

12, When maintaining, overhauling, lubricating and replacing the pulley on the top of the boom, the boom should be dropped to the ground.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the excavator introduced by Bulldozer China Factory.

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