What are the Reasons that Cause the Excavator to Smoke Abnormally?

Jan. 15, 2020

Excavator is a fixed asset with large economic investment. In order to increase its service life and obtain greater economic benefits, the equipment must be assigned to people, machines and positions, and responsibilities must be clear. The driver should pay attention to these when driving the excavator:

After the excavator enters the construction site, the driver should first observe the geology of the working face and the surrounding environment. There must be no obstacles within the radius of the excavator's rotation to avoid scratching or damaging the vehicle. After the machine is started, no one is allowed to stand in the bucket, on the shovel arm and on the track to ensure safe production.

When the excavator is shifted, the driver should observe and whistle first, then shift to avoid safety accidents caused by people on the machine side. The position after shifting should ensure that there is no obstacle to the space of the excavator's rotation radius, and illegal operations are strictly prohibited. After the operation, the excavator should be moved away from the low-lying place or the edge of the trench (ditch), parked on a flat ground, closed the doors and windows and locked.



The driver must do the daily maintenance, overhaul, and maintenance of the equipment, make daily records of the equipment in use, find that there is a problem with the vehicle, and do not work with illness, and report it for repair in a timely manner. The cabin must be clean and tidy, and the surface of the vehicle body must be clean, free of dust and oil, and the habit of wiping the car should be established after work.

We can often see Excavator in many engineering constructions. For many construction companies, it is obviously not realistic to purchase a new batch of construction machinery such as excavators. After all, the cost of doing so will be very high, so More people will choose to get resources from excavator rental companies. However, in the process of construction, we must pay special attention to the failure of the excavator. Once a failure occurs, it will affect the construction progress, and the common situation is that the excavator emits abnormal smoke during construction. In order to make everyone more clear, the following Excavator Manufacturer will introduce to you the reasons that cause the excavator to smoke abnormally.

1. If the ignition time of the excavator's operator is too early or too late, then the phenomenon of incomplete combustion will occur. When this happens, the excavator will naturally emit abnormal smoke.

2. If the supercharger is not smooth, the lower part of the exhaust pipe is easily blocked by the protective plate and the body. This will easily cause the exhaust pipe to be unblocked, which will also cause the machine to smoke.

The above two points are the main reasons that lead to abnormal smoke during the work of the excavator, so although the emergence of the excavator company has brought great convenience to many companies in need, the related excavators are operating Attentions at the time, as well as maintenance and maintenance issues, still need everyone's attention.

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