What Should The Excavator Engine "boiling"? 2

Apr. 15, 2019

Today, we Track Type Bulldozer Manufacturer will talk to you about the "boil" of the construction machinery.

What Should The Excavator Engine "boil"?

In the summer, due to the high temperature, Oil Field Construction Bull Dozer, loaders and other construction machinery are in a high temperature for a long time, the engine temperature rises too fast, and when the external temperature is too high, the engine will be "opened", causing the viscosity of the oil to drop and pulling the cylinder. , burning tiles and other faults.

 Oil Field Construction Bull Dozer

Wrong (2): Take a shower of the engine immediately

Since it is a malfunction caused by high temperature, is it OK to take a cold shower for the engine immediately? This is also not acceptable. When the engine is "opened", the temperature of the body is quite high. At this time, the sudden stimulation of the cold water will cause the engine to deform due to the temperature difference of the body being too fast, and even the cylinders, cylinder heads and the like may suddenly cool. Shrinking and bursting, the consequences are very serious! So everyone should remember not to do this.


Error (3): Immediately unscrew the tank cover and add water

In the event of this "opening" failure, some people will immediately unscrew the water tank cover and add water, which is one of the wrong practices. Because when the water in the water radiator boils, the circulation system will produce a lot of water vapor, and the pressure inside the water radiator is very high. If the water tank cover is opened immediately, the boiling water and water vapor will be sprayed outward, which is easy to burn. People around, so everyone must be careful!


Error (4): directly add cold water to the water radiator

Don't let the engine shower immediately, then add cold water directly to the water radiator! Remember that this is absolutely impossible. Because the cooling water in the water jacket encounters a large amount of steam after encountering the heat machine, the pressure suddenly rises, the hot steam is quickly ejected from the water radiator inlet, and then the face is burned, and the phase is broken, but it is not good!

In short, when the engine "opens the pot", remember not to do it blindly. In the next article, the author will introduce how to properly handle the "opening" high temperature fault.

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