Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bulldozer

Nov. 14, 2022

Bulldozers are mainly used for pushing through large quantities of soil in a short time and for grading, spreading, and clearing. A dozer with automated features, ergonomic design, and hydraulics could be the machine you trust for years to come!

To help you make the best choice for your workplace, the following information has been put together to help you get the right dozer for your needs.



Crawler and wheeled

Dozers are available in both tracked and wheeled versions. Crawler dozers offer greater traction and are popular in construction and agricultural locations. Tracks make it easier to work on moving and irregular terrain. Another advantage of the tracked type is the earth splitter mounted on the rear end, making it more suitable for demolition and soil removal.



Larger bulldozers, although they will provide more energy output, are more difficult to transport and store. Therefore, to choose the right dozer, you should know what it is intended to do and how much space is available for the dozer.



There are many different types of dozer blades and the right blade can have a significant impact on Jobsite performance and quality of work. Below we have listed a few types of blades for your consideration.


PAT blades

The Power Angle Tilt (PAT) blade is the most popular type of blade for medium and small dozers as it offers more versatility and is suitable for general dozing and finish grading.



The complete U-blade includes large flanks that create a pocket in the blade to provide greater load-bearing capacity. For general and rock-type applications, the semi-U-blade is the most popular. In high volume and downhill dozing, the full U-blade offers higher performance due to its better load-bearing capacity.



The S-blade or straight blade is used on large medium bulldozers and above and is the shortest of the bulldozer blades. the S-blade can tilt the blade forward for aggressive cutting and backward for more efficient blade carrying.


Buffer blades

Buffer blades are very specialized narrow blades and are usually only used on large dozers. They are usually used to push the loading scraper.


Six-way blades

Six-way blades offer increased blade maneuverability for a wide range of applications. Slope control supports experienced operators in maintaining a consistent slope throughout the day and allows novice operators to get up to speed quickly.




The cab is not only about operator comfort, but also about productivity. A cab with an isolated, pressurized environment limits the impact of noise, dust, and vibration on the operator in the field. If you are working in extreme weather, you may want to check taxis with air conditioning and heaters.



A good joystick gives you greater precision and maneuverability, allowing you to control steering, direction, speed, and transmission, and simplifies navigation. In addition, a good joystick also helps you to save fuel as you can adjust the engine speed as required.


Landing gear

Before you buy a dozer, consider the type of terrain you will be dealing with. Bulldozer chassis are available in standard and heavy-duty versions. But with heavy-duty landing gear, you not only get all the features of a standard landing gear with additional features such as maximum strength steel plates and idler rims, but you can also use these dozers on rough terrain and even on slopes.



By combining the right shovel blade, slope control, and hydrostatic transmission, you can increase the versatility of almost any dozer. This combination supports high productivity in all Jobsite applications, from rough grading to finish.


The total cost of ownership

When buying a dozer, look for aspects such as fuel efficiency, dealer support, and technical compatibility. You should also consider chassis options, as the chassis can be one of the highest costs of owning and operating a dozer.



We hope this list will help you choose the right dozer for you! You can always browse our online inventory to see some of the quality dozers for sale. Feel free to contact us with any questions for advice.

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