How do Hydrostatic Dozers Improve Safety?

Nov. 14, 2022

Hydrostatic drives are now the main drive train type on crawler dozers, and hydrostatic drives make dozers safer.


How Hydrostatic Dozers Can Improve Safety?

Benefits of hydrostatic dozers.


Smooth operation

Smoother operation means that during straight-line dozing, especially during power turns, the machine automatically increases the throttle to maintain the dozer's ground speed, thus improving control of the load. This makes it easier for operators of large dozers to use it for precise surface leveling.



Operators of many hydrostatic dozers can customize the shift and shovel control parameters, enabling them to tailor the machine's performance to the needs of the job and their personal preferences.



In some applications, one large hydrostatic bulldozer can do the work that previously required two or three conventional machines, a significant increase in productivity.


How Hydrostatic Dozers Can Improve Safety?

How do hydrostatic bulldozers improve safety?


1. The hydrostatic drive allows the operator of a pipe-laying dozer to ease the pipe into the trench more smoothly, and the infinitely variable speed allows the operator to crawl the machine forward without the rush of upshifting or downshifting. This is vital when there are workers in the trench to help place the pipe.

2. When you release the throttle on a hydrostatic drive dozer, the hydraulic pressure in the system stops the machine. This means that the dozer will not roll backward when the operator stops it on a slope.

3. The hydrostatic dozer helps inexperienced operators to work faster and makes experienced operators more productive. Less attention is required in the cab, as these complex machines are responsible for power management and in some cases blade control. This allows him or her to pay more attention to nearby machines and people, thus helping to improve site safety.


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