Exactly How Do I Utilize the Cultivator? What Can It Do?

Jan. 18, 2022

The purpose of husbandry has transformed in the last few years. Whereas in the past, husbandry was largely for weed control and also loosening the dirt, several now depend on herbicides for weed control and also light tillage of the uppermost layer of the dirt is all that is required. Bulldozer manufacturer HBXG shows you.

Today, farmers also deal with a new challenge with contemporary combines that have broader heads as well as need to manage very large quantities of straw, which harvesters frequently have trouble efficiently chopping or distributing uniformly. The resulting big amounts of organic matter and volunteer grains and also weeds need to be densely as well as equally integrated, specifically when sowing the following period's crop into the mulched seedbed. At the same time, evaporation of water must be avoided.

The cultivator enables different levels of husbandry of the field, whether shallow, medium or deeper. In the initial superficial tillage, tines with broad wings as well as a blending disk below integrate volunteer grains as well as organic matter left by the previous crop right into the soil near the surface area. Weeds as well as various other volunteer seeds are left in the top layer, resulting in quick germination that can then be attended to with herbicides or another tillage. 

A second pass can then be completed at a depth of concerning 10-15 centimeters. The wings of the cultivator cut beneath the volunteer regrowth, sufficing off over the whole surface and also uprooting any kind of plants. The disc then includes the waste back right into the top layer of soil. The large wings make sure that all of the ground is reduced and also blended across the width of the equipment, making it a great choice for post-harvest tillage to create a stale seedbed.

If the intention is to sow later with compost, but the top soil has a lot of straw, a 3rd husbandry can be done with a mid-tiller at better depths, as much as 30 centimeters. This deep husbandry loosens the whole top soil layer and also minimizes the thickness of straw in the top dirt layer, both of which are essential requirements for effective mulch sowing.


With various share styles readily available throughout the various suppliers, the intensity of husbandry can be enhanced to match individual problems and also demands. On the very first pass, broad wings work over the whole surface area at superficial depths. You may want to put the wings down on the 2nd pass as well as till at a deepness of 10 to 15 cm, but keeping the wings is valuable for weed control. If a 3rd pass at depths as much as 30 centimeters is needed, narrower wings might be required, and also these can be tilled intensively without needlessly boosting traction requirements.

In recap, we discover that there are still lots of makers in the simple tool tiller that could be an excellent and reputable choice for post-harvest tillage. If you are looking for an affordable cultivator for following period, why not have a look at our variety here or enquire about renting among these versatile makers.

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