How is Bulldozer Repaired and Maintained?

Feb. 13, 2020

Today Crawler Dozer Supplier introduces the repair and maintenance of bulldozers.

1. Inspection and maintenance

Whether the high-pressure pipe joints, oil cylinders, floating oil seals, radiator fins, and water pipe joints are leaked, if any, should be eliminated in time. Whether the electrical system is disconnected, short-circuited, and whether the terminals are loose, if there is, it should be eliminated in time. Inspection of engine oil sump: When the engine is stopped, first determine the engine oil pressure gauge and whether the water temperature gauge is in the normal range, and then take out the dipstick to check that the liquid level should be between the upper and lower marks of the dipstick. If you need to add oil, open the oil filling port and add it. When checking the oil level, park the vehicle on a level surface. When adding oil, do not raise the oil level above the "H" mark.


2. Check the oil quantity of the rear axle box:

(1) Inspection and maintenance for the first 250 hours: 1. Replace the fuel filter. 2. Replace coarse and fine oil filters. 3. Replacement of gearbox and rear axle oil (replacement oil quantity is according to the attached table). 4. Replace the oil in the working oil tank. 5. Replace the working oil tank filter element. 6. Replace the final transmission case oil. 7. Clean the variable speed steering filter. 8. Tighten the injector mounting screws. 9. Inspection and adjustment of engine valve clearance.

(2) Inspection and maintenance every 500 hours:

Crawler Dozer

Crawler Dozer

3. Correct maintenance

(1) Maintain proper tension of the track

For the Crawler Dozer, if the tension is excessive, the spring tension of the guide wheel acts on the track pins and pin sleeves. The outer circle of the pin and the inner circle of the pin sleeve are always subject to high compression stress. The pins and pin sleeves wear prematurely during operation, and The elastic force of the tensioning spring of the guide wheel also acts on the guide wheel shaft and the shaft sleeve, which generates a large surface contact stress, which makes the guide wheel shaft sleeve easily ground into a semicircle, the track pitch is easily stretched, and the mechanical transmission efficiency is reduced, and waste The power transmitted from the engine to the driving wheels and tracks. If the track is tightened too loosely, the track is easily detached from the guide wheels and track rollers, and the track loses the correct centering, causing the running track to fluctuate, flap, and impact, causing abnormal wear of the guide wheels and idlers.

(2) Keep the centering of the guide wheel

Misalignment of the guide wheel has a serious impact on other parts of the running mechanism, so adjusting the gap between the guide wheel guide plate and the track frame (correcting misalignment) is the main point of extending the life of the running mechanism. When adjusting, use the spacer between the guide plate and the bearing to correct. If the gap is large, remove the spacer; if the gap is small, increase the spacer. The standard clearance is 0.5 ~ 1.0mm, and the maximum allowable clearance is 3.0mm.

(3) Turn the track pin and pin sleeve at the appropriate time

When the pitch cannot be restored by adjusting the tension, the track pins and pin sleeves need to be turned over to obtain the correct track pitch. At the scene, there are two kinds of moments for determining the turning of the track pin and the pin sleeve; one method is to check the time when the track pitch is extended by 3mm; the other method is to check the time when the outer diameter of the pin sleeve is worn by 3mm.

(4) Tighten bolts and nuts in a timely manner

When the bolts of the walking mechanism are loose, they are easily broken or lost, causing a series of failures. The daily inspection and maintenance should check the following bolts: mounting bolts for track rollers and idlers, mounting bolts for driving wheel teeth, track plate mounting bolts, track roller guard plate mounting bolts, diagonal brace head mounting bolts. Refer to the manual of each model for the tightening torque of the main bolts.

(5) Check for cracks

The cracks of the walking mechanism should be inspected in time, and repaired and strengthened in time.


The above is the method of repairing and maintaining the bulldozer introduced by the Dozer supplier. Hope to help everyone.

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