How Hydrostatic Drives Make Dozers Safer

Sep. 26, 2018

Dynamic braking means operators of hydrostatic dozers just have one brake pedal to fret about. When you ease off the throttle using a hydrostatic drive bulldozer, the hydraulic pressure within the system brings the system to a halt. That means the dozer will not roll backward when the operator ceases it on a slope.

Smooth operator: hydrostatic transmissions enable operators of pipe placing dozers to ease pipe to the trench more easily, crucial when there are employees in the trench helping place the pipe. Infinitely variable speed enables the operator to creep forward, with no jerkiness brought on by upshifting or downshifting.

Easier to operate: hydrostatic bulldozer assists inexperienced operators to become productive faster, and make experienced operators more effective. There's less in the cab to pay attention to, because these sophisticated machines take care of power management and, sometimes, blade management. This frees them to pay more attention to nearby machines and individuals, helping to improve job site safety.

Next time you take a look at a hydrostatic drive bulldozer, recall all that this technology makes possible from a productivity and a security perspective.

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Hydrostatic Bulldozer

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