Tips For Buying, Operating And Maintaining a Thumb Attachment For a Mini Excavator

Sep. 21, 2018

A thumb attachment may radically increase the flexibility and performance capacities of a compact excavator.

A comparatively cheap investment, a thumb can make it possible for an excavator to deal with an assortment of high-precision substance handling, land cleaning, utility and street construction applications.


Concerning purchasing and spec-ing a thumb for a mini excavator with high efficiency system, the most fundamental and important matter to think about is that it's to coordinate with the bucket. It is not quite as straightforward as carrying a thumb and placing it onto a machine using any bucket--they all must match.

The thumb has to be aligned with a bucket to be certain it's in sync whenever you are rotating --you want to be certain the tines net or intertwine with the bucket teeth. This goes for both manual (stiff ) and hydraulic thumbs. Company owners must work with their gear dealer to ascertain the ideal thumb solution for their program requirements.


Operators of the thumb and the bucket together, the method all depends on the program. Like every piece of gear, it is important that you understand its limitations and capabilities.


Operators should make the bucket and thumb a part of their everyday walkaround machine inspection. To be able to avoid unnecessary wear, places around the pins and bushings must be rid of debris and dirt. Additionally, assess the operator's guide to get routine grease periods for your pins/bushings/coupler--maintaining these parts correctly lubricated will prolong the lifespan of their attachment.

Running an excavator with worn out on the bucket basically results in the machine to operate against itself, decreasing productivity, consuming more fuel, more man-hours and finally resulting in more downtime. Today's business owners realize that maintenance is just one of the vital elements of minimizing TCO and getting the maximum efficiency and reliability from the fleets.


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