Is the Bulldozing Stuck?

Apr. 10, 2021

Yes, the bulldozer may get stuck. Because bulldozers are equipped with tracks instead of tires, they can distribute weight more evenly and are more suitable for working on soft ground. However, this does not mean that Track Bulldozer cannot be trapped in soft ground or mud. This happens from time to time, and once trapped, it is difficult for the bulldozer to come out.

Track Bulldozer

Track Bulldozer

There are six steps you can take to prevent the Bulldozer from getting stuck:

1) Before starting a project, be sure to check the site plan. Pay attention to drains, reservoirs or other caves. The bulldozer may fall in and get stuck.

2) Before moving out any heavy equipment, walk around the site first. There may be debris or other hazards not marked on the site map, which may pose a hazard to bulldozers or any other types of equipment

3) Look for hidden sinkholes, really humid places or large areas of water. Pay special attention to low-lying and uneven ground.

4) Poke the ground. If you can easily push the stakes into the ground with your hands, the bulldozer is likely to sink.

5) Buy a bulldozer that matches the size of the work. Small bulldozers may have lower rent and fuel costs, and are easier to remove if they get stuck. If you don't need a giant bulldozer for your job, don't choose it.

6) If you feel that it is unsafe to use a bulldozer, do not do it, and use it after the site conditions improve.

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