Precautions For Long-Term Storage Of Construction Machinery

Oct. 16, 2018

In actual production, there is some construction machinery such as bulldozer with reliable quality that needs long-term storage. So how should the construction machinery be stored for a long time, what problems should be paid attention to?

1. Park in a dry room. If you have to stop outside, you should choose a flat floor and put wood. Cover it with a cover after parking.

2. Before long-term storage, the machinery must be repaired, repaired the damaged and thoroughly cleaned to maintain good technical condition.

3. The arrangement at the parking spaces shall ensure that the entry and exit of any machinery are not affected by other machinery.

4. The mechanical fuel control lever should be placed in the idle position, and each joystick should be placed in the neutral position.

5. Storage of the engine. Release the cooling water from the engine. Replace the engine oil. The fuel tank is topped up with diesel to avoid rusting of the fuel tank. During the shutdown period, the engine should be started once a month to make the machine travel for a short distance, so that a new oil film is formed in the lubrication parts of each part to prevent rust. It should be noted that the cooling water should be filled before starting, and the cooling water should be exhausted at the end.

6. Storage of batteries. The battery should be removed and the battery placed in a dry and antifreeze. To keep the surface clean and dry, it is strictly forbidden to place conductive objects on the battery. The lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month.

7. The method of repainting or by repainting the whole machine. The working equipment of the construction machinery,  the rust prevention method of the bare metal is spread butter.

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