The Safety Precautions Of Bulldozer

Oct. 19, 2018

Let's take a look at the safety precautions for the bulldozer with reliable quality.

1. The operator must be certified to work, and non-professional drivers are strictly prohibited. Do not leave the post without authorization, and do not operate machinery that does not conform to the operating permit. It is strictly forbidden to hand over the mechanical equipment to the personnel who do not have the operating license of the machine. Drinking operations are strictly prohibited.

2. The operator must strictly follow the instructions in the manual to strictly observe the inspection system before work and the inspection and maintenance system after work observation and work.

3. When the mechanical equipment is parked at the construction site, the safe parking place should be selected, the cab (operating room) door should be locked, and the parking brake should be pulled. When parking on a ramp, you should use triangular wood or stone to hold the wheel. 

4. When multiple machines are working on the same working surface, the distance between the two machines should not be less than 8m, and the distance between the left and right should be greater than 1.5m. When two or more bulldozers are pushing the soil side by side, the spacing between the two bulldozer blades should be 20~30cm. The bulldozer must travel straight at the same speed; when retreating, it should be in order to prevent the collision.

5. When the bulldozer is towing other equipment, a special person must be in charge of the command. The connection of the steel wire is firm and reliable, and the construction personnel should keep it at a safe distance during the ramp and long-distance traction.

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