How To Effectively Protect Bulldozers in High Humidity Environments?

Mar. 03, 2021

With the advent of the rainy season, the southern part of China has more rainfall and the characteristics of high-humidity environment are prominent. Long-term operation of Bulldozers in a high-humidity environment can easily cause a series of problems such as performance degradation, rust and deterioration, and short circuits, resulting in frequent equipment failures and even affecting service life.

Based on in-depth analysis of the impact of high-humidity environment on bulldozers, Bulldozer Suppliers have formulated a series of bulldozer protection schemes and measures to ensure the smooth construction of bulldozers in high-humidity areas and minimize the adverse effects of the environment.



1. Strengthen on-site management

In a high-humidity environment, the management of the bulldozer job site should focus on rain, moisture, and lightning protection.

① All kinds of electrical switches, power distribution cabinets, etc., should be protected from rain and moisture.

②The low-voltage power distribution room should be installed with lightning protection devices in accordance with regulations.

③ In case of heavy thunderstorms, stop the operation and evacuate the machinery to a safe area.

④Improve the machinery parking environment.

⑤ When choosing a temporary parking place, stay away from ravines, rivers and steep cliffs as much as possible.

⑥Compact the ground foundation, dig the surrounding drainage ditch, handle the slope, and clean the surrounding weeds.

Pay attention to equipment safety management and control.

Regularly check whether the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil temperature control devices are sensitive, whether the monitoring devices are effective, whether the safety protection devices such as torque limiters, limit switches, emergency brake switches, etc. are reliable, whether the braking and steering are in good condition, and if hidden dangers are found, remove them in time, prohibit Equipment working with illness.

2. Pay attention to maintenance

In a high-humidity environment, bulldozer operators and repairers should pay attention to daily maintenance work, focusing on the maintenance of hydraulic systems and electrical systems.

Hydraulic system

① Regularly check whether the pipeline and radiator are leaking, whether the fan is working properly, and whether the amount and quality of hydraulic oil meet the requirements.

②Clean the hydraulic oil tank regularly to reduce internal pollution and maintain the heat dissipation capacity of the hydraulic oil tank.

③Pay attention to use the same brand of hydraulic oil, replace the contaminated hydraulic oil in time and change the hydraulic oil filter element regularly to ensure the unobstructed hydraulic oil pipeline and clean oil.

Electrical System

① Regularly check whether the terminal is loose, whether the wire end and contact are oxidized or ablated.

② Correctly adjust the generator regulator to appropriately reduce the charging current.

③ Regularly clean the surface of the battery. The pile head of the battery and the positive and negative cables should be firmly connected. The height of the electrolyte should meet the requirements. Fill distilled water in time and keep the air vents unblocked.

3. Special protective measures

Do a good job of dehumidification and maintenance

① When there is a high humidity environment, the operator should dehumidify and maintain the bulldozer in time to prevent rainwater and chemical components in the air from entering the bulldozer.

②After the equipment is operated, maintenance work should be carried out focusing on wiping, tightening and lubricating.

② When dehumidifying electrical components, focus on wiping exposed, damp, and water-prone parts, and pay attention to methods and methods when wiping, such as: when cleaning the dust in the electric control cabinet, you can use a brush to clean it, or Use clean, moisture-free gas for purging. However, it is strictly forbidden to wipe it with a wet cloth.

Configure related facilities

In order to overcome the adverse effects of high-humidity environment on Crawler Bulldozers, the construction site should be equipped with rainproof sheds and rainproof covers for bulldozers. However, it is forbidden to use plastic cloth to wrap, so as not to affect its heat dissipation.

Generally speaking, the impact of high-humidity environment on bulldozers is complex and multifaceted. As long as the above protective measures are implemented according to the characteristics of high-humidity environment, the adaptability of bulldozers to high-humidity environments can be improved, and the normal use of bulldozers can be guaranteed. Successfully complete the construction tasks.

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