The Structure and Working Principle of Bulldozer

Feb. 23, 2021

Bulldozers are one of the main machinery of earth-moving engineering machinery, which are divided into crawler type and tire type according to the walking mode. Because there are fewer tire type bulldozers. The following mainly describes the structure and working principle of the crawler bulldozer.

The development and expansion of bulldozer products must not only meet the work adaptability of different working conditions, but also maintain the maximum versatility of parts and components with the basic model, which brings great convenience to the majority of users. In order to facilitate users to purchase accessories, the manufacturers have retained the part numbers of Komatsu Company of Japan, and only the parts designed by themselves in the modification are named by their own manufacturers.



Bulldozer Structure 

Crawler Bulldozer is mainly composed of engine, transmission system, working device, electrical part, cab and hood. Among them, the mechanical and hydraulic transmission system includes hydraulic torque converter, coupling assembly, planetary gear type power shift transmission, central transmission, steering clutch and steering brake, final drive and walking system.

Working Principle of Bulldozer

The power output mechanism drives the working pump, the variable-speed torque-converting hydraulic system, and the steering pump of the steering brake hydraulic system in the hydraulic system of the working device by means of gear transmission and spline connection; the sprocket represents the final drive mechanism of the secondary spur gear transmission ; The crawler shoe includes the crawler assembly, trolley frame and suspension assembly including the walking system.

Domestic bulldozers below 102KW, such as T140, T120, T70 and other low-power bulldozers, are all mechanically driven, including clutches and mechanical transmissions. This type of bulldozer has a relatively large sales volume in China; its structure is relatively simple, the production period is earlier, the user is familiar with it, and the maintenance is relatively easy.

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The Structure and Working Principle of Bulldozer

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