Small Excavator Correct Operation Precautions

Apr. 27, 2019

Here is Civil Construction Loader manufacturer talking about Small Excavator Correct Operation Precautions. 

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Civil Construction Loader

1. When rotating the work, do a good job of the surrounding obstacles and terrain, and operate safely to confirm the front and rear direction of the track to avoid tipping or impact.

2. When excavating work, try not to face the excavation direction of the final drive, otherwise, it will easily damage the travel motor or hose. Ensure that the left and right crawlers of the small excavator are in full contact with the ground to improve the stability of the whole machine.

3. When excavating with the stick, ensure that the stick angle ranges from the front 45° angle to the rear 30° angle. Simultaneous use of the boom and bucket can improve the digging efficiency.

4. The small excavator should be parked horizontally, otherwise, it is difficult to accurately control the rotary unloading to extend the cycle time. The car body and the truck should be kept at an appropriate distance to prevent the rear of the car body from colliding with the truck when the 180° work is performed.

5. Try to rotate the soil to the left as far as possible, so that the field of view is wide and the work efficiency is high; the rotation angle is correctly grasped to reduce the time for turning.

6. When the truck position is lower than that of the small excavator, the boom raising time can be shortened and the line of sight is good. First install sand, gravel, and then place large stones, which can reduce the impact on the car.

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