Small Excavator Safe Driving Tips

May. 05, 2019

Today we Civil Construction Excavator come to summarize Small excavator safe driving tips.

7. When using a small excavator for hoisting operation, confirm the condition around the hosting site, use high-strength hooks and wire ropes (to select products that meet the national testing standards), and use special hoisting devices when hoisting. The movement should be slow and steady, and the length of the sling should be appropriate. If it is too long, the hanging object will swing much and it is difficult to control accurately.

Small Excavator Safe Driving Tips

8. Correctly adjust the position of the bucket to prevent the rope from slipping off, and the hoisting objects fall off. Personnel should try not to get close to the hoisting objects to prevent danger due to improper operation.

9. During operation, the stability of the mini excavator not only improves work efficiency, extends machine life, but also ensures safe operation (putting the machine on a flat, solid floor).

10. The drive wheel has good stability on the rear side and can prevent the final drive from being damaged by an external force. The spacing A of the small excavator track on the ground is always greater than the spacing B, so the forward working stability is good, and lateral operation is avoided as much as possible.

11. When the crawler is deep in the mud, place a wooden board (or hard object) under the bucket, use the bottom end of the bucket to support the track, and then put a wooden board (or hard object) under the track to drive it out.

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