Small Excavators Carbon Deposition Issues

Mar. 05, 2019

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Carbon deposition is a dense carbon oil compound. Since diesel and oil are not completely burned into the cylinder, oil is deposited on the surface of the engine cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston, valve, combustion chamber, fuel injector, etc. Solid phase layered carbon deposition The thermal conductivity is poor. Long-term accumulation can lead to local overheating of the parts. Severe nozzles, valve ablation, piston ring blockage, and cylinder pull can cause serious failures. In addition, if carbon deposits accumulate on the surface of the combustion chamber, it can also cause The increase in compression ratio, pre-combustion, knocking, etc., seriously affects the engine's power and fuel consumption. Therefore, the excavator must regularly check the carbon layer to completely remove the carbon layer for maintenance.

Method 1: The simplest and most direct method of mechanically grinding carbon deposits is mechanical polishing with tools. You can use wire brushes, scrapers, bamboo or abrasive cloth to wipe carbon deposits. Special tools can be used for special shaped parts. Carbon deposition, For example, a thin wire brush can be used to clean the carbon deposit around the nozzle. The pressure chamber is made up of a special needle. The valve rail and seat carbon can be removed with a cylindrical wire brush.

The mechanical grinding method is difficult, but the efficiency is low, the cleaning effect is poor, and many small scratches are left in the cleaning process. The surface smoothness of the parts is large and it is easy to become a new carbon accumulation point.

Method 2: The principle of sandblasting is similar to sandblasting, but the blasting granules are not sand. When spraying the core, high-speed airflow is used to spray the walnut sand to the surface of the parts to remove carbon deposits and oil, and the carbon deposition efficiency is high and clean. This method requires special equipment and is difficult to use widely.

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